Barrington College

Closer to Your Dream Career.

We design all our courses not just around you and your learning requirements, but around your hopes dreams and aspirations of a high flying career.

These Days A Good Education is Not Enough!

We know you want a great education, we also know a great career will take you where you want to go in life. At Barrington College we see education as an enabler for you to construct the life you want, a qualification from us comes with so much more than just a piece of paper and a stamp of achievement.

Barrington College specialises in providing additional support to students. Our courses are designed for those who think outside the square. We know what its like to have big dreams, to want something other than what society seems to have planned for you.

All our staff are big-picture thinkers, experts in their field, who are driven to extend their expertise to the next generation of high flyers. Getting you ready to take on the world!

Hospitality Courses

Want to know where a career in Hospitality could take you?

Think about 5 star hotels anywhere in the world, luxury cruise ships, and even super yachts.…..

Online Learning Options

Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

Hybrid learning model blends the best of online and classroom learning, and saves you time and money too.

International Program

Choosing to study and live in Australia is a great move.

World class education, and the one of the best climates in the world. We also help with your visa and relocation.

Government Funded Courses

We provide access to government subsidised courses.

Both local and federal government funding can be arranged to ease the cost of education for some courses.

Barrington College are extra-mile educators

A great education should provide you with skills, providing advantages over and above the norm. At Barrington College we believe in providing students with extra-mile experiences, being the deciding factor in employment decisions. Enabling you to spring-board your way towards your dream career.

Think about it, who would you hire? A graduate who has spent 2 years learning to pass an exam or a graduate who has real world experiences. Someone full of ideas and possibilities, who has been mentored and nurtured in business from professionals?

It’s no surprise that businesses love

Barrington College graduates.

A college for global thinkers, learners who want more than an ordinary education.
A more streamlined, efficient way to study while building working relationships and using new technologies.

Are You Ready?

Where do you want to be in five years? Are you looking to create a foundation that will provide you with several career opportunities?

An education that provides you with the tools and skills to lead and manage people? A qualification that will lead you directly into University?

A global career? It’s all possible at Barrington College

Your future starts now.